Urgent. How Do I Disable A Program On This Computer?!?

I’m on a library computer and they set a time limit using PCReservation. I don’t have administration abilities but I can get into my computer. How do I disable or add more time??


  1. There isn’t any way for you to get around the time limit at the public library, unless of course you work there and can get admin access.
    Just ask them and they will usually give you more time

  2. They know why they have a time limit. Tampering with the library computer is not smart. Why not just ask the librarian or whoever is in charge of the pc’s to add more time when your time is up?
    Having said that, you can’t disable or add more time on your own unless you hack the system and that would not be cool. I’m sure this is not the answer you were looking for… sorry.

  3. I guess you won’t be giving any 10 pts today…
    This software is placed either by computer policy or AD policy. Only the administrators have any privileges in modifying the policy or any of the startup software.
    Just abide by the rules and you won’t be kicked out.
    Good luck.

  4. Whoever gives you instructions on how to bypass this is clueless about security and computers in general.The is no way you can touch anything on a public computer.

  5. ctrl-alt-delete
    select processes in the task manager
    look for the pcreservation process and click on it and select end process.

  6. There are time limits for a reason, if people like you keep bypassing the time limits to use computers as long as you like then there won’t be any computers at the library anymore

  7. press in ctrl-alt-delete at the same time and start looking for a process like timer click on it and then press end process

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