what are the symptoms of dirty oil filter and does it make sense to change the engine oil?

Question by heaven’s child: what are the symptoms of dirty oil filter and does it make sense to change the engine oil?
without changing the oil filter ? but the more important question to me is how does a dirty oil filter affect the car. thanks

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Answer by bbcool19
Dirty oil filters will clog oil flow and spread gunk around the engine. You should change the filter with every oil change and only use synthetic oil. Synthetic costs more but your engine will run for a lot longer and need a lot fewer repairs. It pays off in the long run, big time.

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  1. Well the filter takes some impurities out of the oil but your oil still breaks down over time. Oil filterss only last a certain amount of time so not changing your oil or filter could damage your engine over time.

  2. If your main question is does it make sense to change the oil, with out changing the filter, then no. The clean oil you just put into your motor is going throw a clogged up dirty filter giving you poor oil flow, and pushing dirty oil from the filter into the engine blcok. Which could lead to poor lubrication of the cylinder walls causing friction and eventually ruining your engine, along with numerous smaller problems.

  3. you need to read the owners manuel and gheez use some common sense change the oil install synthic oil and an fram filter for gosh sakes think will you please you do it every 3000 to 5000 miles and you do the filter also at that time its like taking a bath you dont just do behind you , you do all of you good luck

  4. The big risk is of it clogging. If it clogs, the oil won’t circulate as it should. Aside from that, in most cars the filter holds a significant amount of oil, or at least enough to taint the new oil that you’re putting in. It’s very difficult to get all of the oil out when doing an oil change, not changing the filter just leaves that much more dirty oil in the engine. I’d spend the three bucks.

  5. YES CHANGE THE OIL!!!!!!!!!! Gees lady, the car will smell like burned oil, there will be spots where youve parked. The motor will run down fast with dirty oil. The filter will clog.The oil AND oil filter have to bve changed every 3,000 miles. It only cost about 12$ to purchase the oil and filter.Or else take it to a oil changing station and they will do it for about 25$ or less. Also, you must make sure your car has water &or coolant in its radiator or else the motor will blow today!

  6. Your question is not clear but,I think you are asking about changing oil without the filter.Imagine taking a bath in dirty bath water. Some filters hold a qt of oil.So by not changing it you have added 1 qt of dirty oil to your new oil….yuck…..whats the point. And the old filter is full of gunk and particles and not as free flowing as a new one.Is does not make sense. In theory you could skip changing the filter 2-3 times before it failed but,what is the point??????

  7. You should change the oil filter on each oil change. But it is not imperative. All modern oil filters have a bypass that allows the oil to flow if the filter becomes clogged. Your oil will get dirtier quicker because the debris (microscopic level) are not being filtered. how quick depends on the condition of your engine, driving habits, driving conditions, etc.

    There was a time when folks changed their oil filter every other oil change. Oil filters are so cheap that it makes little sense not to change them when changing the oil. Sort of like taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes.

  8. Change the filter every time you change the oil. Oil filters aren’t expensive and are cheap insurance over more costly repairs if you don’t change them and they fail as a result.

    Most oil filters have a “bypass” valve on them so that in the event the filter element clogs completely, the oil will bypass the filter element entirely to make sure your engine gets oil. Dirty, unfiltered oil is better than no oil at all in the short term, but over time if the filter is just bypassing instead of filtering, you’re going to have increased wear to your engine as a result.

  9. you should always change the oil and filter together it would be like taking bath and putting on the same dirty socks…. you should change the oil every 3000 or so miles the more offen the better…. a oil change worth 25 buck but a motor or new car is 1000’s you decide.. the oil filter does what it sound like it filters the oil it removes the medal particles which harms your motor .. and really no symptoms other than your motor stops working

  10. a dirty oil filter can affect your car in many ways and cause it to lock up youre best bet is to change oil and filter every three thousand miles

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