1. Do you suffer from hey-fever?
    If so try this, find a clean small sauce bottle (type with the twist top) fill with luke warm water and a small pinch of salt. Lean of the bathroom sink and gently squeeze water into your nostril, at the same time blowing your nose, repeat procedure to other nostril. Then use a Q- tip with a little Vaseline on it and rub in around you nostril.
    You can buy nasal flush kits.

  2. steam can open your airways pretty well.Take a hot bath or shower and let the room get all steamy,or just put boiling water in a bowl,put a towel over your head and lean over the bowl of water.That should do the trick,

  3. Without taking meds, mentholated/camphor/eucolyptus oils work very through the night.
    If you have an oil burner, you can add a few drops to the water in there (being careful that the burner is placed away from flammable things). this should help.

  4. Blow your nose.
    Take a Q-tip, wet the ends, and use it to unblock your passages… can be an odd sensation but work great.

  5. Have you tried those strips that go across your nose? They are called Breath Right , I believe. They work for my husband and help with his snoring too.

  6. I know this sounds awful but snorting salt water up your nostrils gives you relief for a very long time. The salt really does do the trick, about half a teaspoon in a warm glass of water, at first it’s a dreadful sensation but if done slowly it really works, just a good couple of snorts up each nostril and you’ll sleep like a baby all night long. You’ll cough and splutter at the first attempt but trust me I use this method each time I get a cold and feel great being able to breath again.


  8. This is TOTALLY drug-free.
    Try a saline nasal RINSE (not a spray) A full warm water saline rinse goes in one nostril and out the other. It draws out all the gunk and shrinks the tissue (like swimming in the ocean). I’ve been doing it at work too.
    The buffered salt doesn’t ‘sting’ as much as plain salt water. You can use a new method like Nasopure, or the vintage, Netipot. The special bottle and salt is about $20.
    You can do this a often as you like with no bad side effects.
    You don’t need a prescription for this therapy. So if you live in a state like mine, they’ve pretty much “outlawed” sudafed medicine. Drug-free is really the way to go on a frequent-use basis. (I put in a link for “what” and “how” – there’s also some good info on wiki)

  9. A long, hot, steamy bath or shower will help. Or simply boil a pot of water, take it off the burner, put a towel over your head and sort of drape the front part of the towel over the steaming water. (This opens your pores, too, heh.)
    Some foods naturally make your nose run, which would unclog it for you: Hot chicken noodle soup or a cup of hot tea, basically anything hot and liquidy, anything spicy … .
    If you have any free-breathing up through your nostrils at all, here’s a disgusting-sounding but amazingly effective trick to dry up your nasal passages:
    Dissolve some baking soda and salt in a cup of warm water (heated but not too awfully hot). Stir well. Hard to say how much baking soda, salt and water but generally I do about a coffee mug sized cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and a little less than a teaspoon of salt. You’ll have to play around until you find a formula that works for you. (Too much salt will burn your delicate nasal tissue.)
    OK, collect some of the mixture in a spoon, put the spoon up to your nostril (do one at a time) and breathe in as hard as you can. (You can also use a straw.) DO NOT SWALLOW when you feel the mixture start sliding down your throat, spit it out. Do this about three times in each nostil and your nose will feel better. This is especially effective for a runny nose, but can also help a clogged one. I know it sounds gross and crazy but I read it online one night that I was totally desperate to have my nose stop running and it worked! I was astounded.
    Good luck, hope you feel better.

  10. You can use those nasal strips..that you stick right onto your nose..they’re kinda stiff..so when you put them on they kinda open up your nostrils so that you can sleep easily without snoring. I totally forgot what they’re called, but they sell them everywhere, I’ve seen them at walgreens right at the cashier’s counter. I THINK they’re called “Breathe Right”

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