What Happened To My Computers Speaker Volume?

So I’ve had my computer running through a home stereo so that i can have the best sound for music and movies. Recently my home stereo (which is quite old) has been going out on me. As a solution i went to radioshack and bought wires that will go directly from the computer to the speakers (bypassing the cd player). Now with the volume MAXED OUT i can bearly even hear a thing. I know it’s hooked up right because i hear the song it’s just very very low. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance for any advice! 🙂


  1. dude your stereo is the one that supplied power to the speakers if you take the power away the volume will be almost nothing, you need a set of speakers that has its own source of poiwer otherwise you ll never get even 5 dBs

  2. I really don’t think you have enough juice to power the speakers directly from your puter. I’ve got my old stereo conected to my puter and it works great. You need to connect the computer to the auxilary jacks of the stereo, then you should have plenty of power to your speakers.

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