1. I have found that with all those our them down the drain products all you’re doing is pouring your money down the drain. The best way to clear a clogged drain is to run a plumber’s snake through the pipes. This will remove the clog.

  2. It depends whether it is inside or outdoors and what is blocking it. If it is a sink that is just blocked up with bits of food and fat try Soda Crystals (available at supermarkets or chemist shops) and boiling water. Pour the crystals into the plughole and them pour a whole kettle of boiling water onto them. To keep your sink smelling sweet do this about once a month. Buy one of those plughole covers with small holes to stop food going down the plug hole.
    If it’s an outside drain blocked you will need some rods or may even need to call in someone. It depends what is blocking it and may not even have come from your house. My hairdresser had sewage all over her garden the other day because someone in a holiday cottage on the next estate had flushed a disposable nappy down the toilet. Honestly some people have no common sense!!

  3. Caustic soda is the original and best. However it is highly corrosive when it comes in contact with skin.
    If you have young children in the house it should be kept outside in a locked shed as it can kill if a small bit is swallowed
    If you don’t want to use that Mr Muscle does an expnding drain foam that works on similar principles.
    Hope this helps

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  5. Caustic soda usually works well just to add water then pour down blocked drain,leave for thirty min’s then plunge until blockage is clear.Oh wear gloves too as it is irritant to skin 😉

  6. Are you talking about an internal or external drain here?? If its internal, and its your bath/sink drain, I used Mr Muscle sink and plughole unblocker!! Worked instantly!!

  7. you cant beat caustic soda…
    but u can get loads of other products on herehttp://www.twenga.co.uk/dir-Supplies,Hou…

  8. My husband and I just use plain old Drain-O and it worked just fine. Our sink has never worked better.

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