What is the longest you’ve sat on 501 for Myrtle Beach?

Question by Momo: What is the longest you’ve sat on 501 for Myrtle Beach?
My friends and I are going to Myrtle Beach (from the north) on Saturday. A girl that we know told us that she once sat on the 501 heading into Myrtle Beach for 4 hours. She’s a bit of an exaggerator – so I wanted to see if anyone had any alternate routes or if it isn’t THAT bad. I expect some traffic. Just not 4 hours worth.

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  1. 501 is the only direct way from any major interstate to enter Myrtle Beach. The only other way in from the north is from Wilmington, NC on highway 17, and getting into Wilmington from I-95 is the same as getting to Myrtle Beach from I-95, so it would be even longer. In the middle of summer, it’s true that you can be sitting on 501 for hours. When I was there last July, we were stuck in traffic there for almost 3 hours, but that was at the end of July on a weekend. The traffic won’t be that bad yet.

  2. 501 traffic is routinely very bad during the summer months. In regular summer traffic, I have indeed been on 501 for somewhere between 2 and 3 hours. The longest I’ve ever been on 501 before was during a hurricane evacuation…almost 4 hours.

    Anyway, to respond to the other poster (and by doing so respond to your question), 501 is no longer the only way to get into Myrtle Beach. On the Conway side of Aynor, there’s a road called SC 22, AKA the “Conway Bypass.” This road is an East-West connector and will allow you to bypass the city of Conway and therefore all of 501 completely, depending on which road you take once you’re on 22.

    Once you’re on 22, you have a few choices to get you into Myrtle Beach. You can follow 22 until it terminates near the north end of Restaurant Row – take the US 17 South exit, and that’ll take you to MB. You can also turn off a bit before the terminus of 22 onto a road called SC 31, AKA the Carolina Bays Parkway. This road is a North-South connector and will allow you to get anywhere from a small town in North Carolina to the Socastee community along 544. Also, SC 31 connects to Robert Grissom Parkway, a road that will take you by Broadway at the Beach (which is very near the “center” of MB).

    Long story short, there’s plenty of new ways to get around and beat the traffic here. You’re no longer limited to 501 just to get to Myrtle Beach proper…but, if you love traffic that much, you’re welcome to take that road anyway, ;-). Make sure you have a very recent map of the area, and you should be able to navigate around 501 to get to most of the places you’ll want to go.

    Hope that helped! Have fun when you visit us!

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