What should I do? I got an undeserving referral at school?

Question by x100000000000: What should I do? I got an undeserving referral at school?
OK. I own a proxy site. I am currently in 9th grade.
Some retard was caught watching porn in school library, and they had found out that he was using my proxy site to bypass it. (I think I was sick absent that day)
Well, I got pulled into the assistant principle’s office and he gave me referral, because I had a “website that bypasses the district internet filters”.
Referral description:
“Student created a website to bypass the district internet filters”
Obviously I was a backed, and I threw up some backup calls, but with my sucky talking skills, I ended up losing and signing it.
Now I went home to research and there were no rules saying that I am not allowed to have an proxy script installed site.
The only close rule was “Bypassing or attempting to circumvent network security, virus protection, network filtering, or policies. ”
I had not “Bypassed” anything, and closest thing I had done was Google Images to do a school project. This part gets tricky, www.images.google.com is blocked, but meanwhile google.com/images are not blocked.
So basically I did not “bypass” I believe.
Also apparently that porn watcher told on me that I was the owner, and blames, but I have TOS disclamer that I will not take ANY responsibilities upon anyone getting in trouble IN FACT never telling him nor showed him how to access my password protected site.

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Answer by Bulbasaur
Talk to teacher?

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