When I Turn On My Computer I Get The Control+atl+delete Security Box. How Can I Bypass While In Startup?

My son somehow turned on the control+atl+delete option on my computer. He does not remember the password. I can’t log on the computer at all. I have a dell computer and I am running windows XP. I really need help with this problem because I have important information on the computer.


  1. Hi – I work for Dell – If you son does not remember the password, and it is the only administration account on the computer, you are not going to be able to disable the alt-control-delete option, because you actually have to be able to log into Windows in order to disable that, the only way to get back into Windows is do a clean install of Windows. Or you might be able to put this drive in another machine and attempt to get the data off, but unfortunately without the password, there is nothing Microsoft, nor Dell, can do for you.

  2. Go to Start>Run> type “control userpasswords2 click the advance tab, now uncheck the Ctrl+Alt+Delete option and see what happens.

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