Why Have System Changes Happened After The Instllation Of Service Pack 2?

Using Internet Explorer, I updated Windows XP with Service Pack 2 a couple days ago. Now I have two major problems:
1. Start up brings a log in page which wasn’t there before.
2. It claims my version of Windows XP is a counterfeit.
Has anybody else run into this issue(s) and can anyone give a hint on some fixes for this?
I have tried inputing my version of Windows XP Product Key as on the bottom of my computer and it claims it’s not real.
I’m clueless how to bypass the log-in screen to make it stop coming. I currently enter no password to continue, but that’s cumbersome as I had it working before just right.
Thanks in advance!


  1. If your XP is a counterfeit copy then MS will shut you down eventually.
    However, if you dispute this and it is a legal copy, you can contact Microsoft and explain the situation – I know of others who have had legal versions and received the counterfeit claim by MS and it was sorted out for them.

  2. Carella is correct. Contact MS, get it sorted out. This could have happened if a software pirate obtained your windows key either by fluke or by taking it from your computer by either seeing it in person or by trojan horse. Have you had any virus results for your computer lately?
    If you dont have a firewall or anti-virus, try:
    http://free.grisoft.com – AVG Free Antivirus
    http://www.zonelabs.com – Zone Alarm firewall
    Both are free for residential use.

  3. You should go to the Microsoft Update page if you can and get any available updates. Plus, there is a possibility that someone could have gotten your product key and registered it before you activated yours. Where did you buy your machine?
    If it was directly from a store or a website like Dell.com, you should have a legit copy. Contact that retailer by phone asap. If it was from a previous user, obtain a new copy and run the upgrade install, replacing current version with a guaranteed legitimate copy.
    Also, get spyware removal programs such as Ad-Aware, Spybot14, and FireFox/S…
    Great tools for performance are available on
    If you don’t know what to use,

  4. Your system previously have autologon enable but that was disabled by default with xp sp2 upgrades the security processes of the operating system Here is a link to the steps to set it back up. It requires editing the system registry so print out the instructions so you can have them handy. http://support.microsoft.com/default.asp…
    On the issue of you “window genuine advantage” failure this sometimes happens if the OS wasn’t activiated properly prior to installation of xp sp2. You will have to go the the “Resolve Now” procedures offered. If you have a pirated copy of xp you’ve been nabbed, the microsoft SWAT team is roping down to your office window as we speak… hut hut hut http://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/Publi…

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