Why is my computer not letting Google Chrome work?

Question by Kait: Why is my computer not letting Google Chrome work?
I started using Firefox for awhile, and for some reason I won’t go into at the moment that stop working. Then I chose Google Chrome. This worked for quite some time until on day when I click my google chrome icon it says that my firewall is preventing it. I go to my setting in my firewall to unblock Google Chrome and it is not even there.
What should I do?
I’ve tried uninstalling it several times.

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Answer by Steve O
Your computer is smart…..
don’t use Chrome lol

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  1. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome? It could also possibly be a virus preventing it, unlikely, but possible.

  2. It’s likely that your firewall is set to default block, not default allow. You have to add Chrome to the list of programs and tell the firewall to allow all connections.

  3. So you are having issues with your firewall and Chrome and Firefox? … strange … I know sometimes (not often) one of my computer had issues (usually after an firewall upgrade) with Comodo. I ended up clearing the settings for the program in question, then letting Comodo (just an example firewall) re-detect it.

    I would not only “unblock” both browsers, but (depending on your firewall) set them to “web browser” or “Browser” or “trusted” which will set rules that will allow the 2 browsers to behave the way they are suppose to (what ports they use …etc, i mean). I dont think reinstalling the browsers would have worked anyway … I suspect a firewall blocking anything that is not listed as “allow” and that is why you should follow the advice of the first line of this paragraph.

    DON’T just unBLOCK it … set it to Allow … as I just said any good firewall (IMHO) will block anything that is not listed as “trustworthy”


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