Why won’t my new IPod Touch connect to the internet?

Question by hmmmmmm??: Why won’t my new IPod Touch connect to the internet?
I have a “locked” Netgear router. I don’t know how to “unlock” it. I have the password for it but still can’t make it work. 🙁

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Answer by KM
Well first of all you don’t want to unlock your netgear router. That would open up your network and internet connection to just about anyone who is within 75-100 ft of your home. You wouldn’t want that because they could see what is on any of your home computers/laptops connected to the network, and you would be providing free internet to the person who is using your network.

Anyway, what you can do is reset the router. There should be a small button on the back of the router that you can press and hold with a paper clip. Hold with a paper clip for about 6 seconds or until you see the lights on the router flash.

Once that is done your router will become unlocked. But promptly go into the router settings (type into the internet explorer address bar) from any computer and recreate a passcode that you will remember. Try not to use WEP, it’s not that hard to get into. While nothing is fool proof, I would suggest using WPA-Personal. I use that and it works with the iPod touch just fine. Once you set that up log into the network with your iPod touch using the password you created.

It should work fine

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