1. First you need to make a partition for windows 7,you will loose xp if you install it on xp.Then you need WinRar it is an archive for all kind of files ncludind ISO files because 7 is an iso file.Then put the ISO file in the archive and explore the archive find the set up and run it from there.It will work that is the way I got it on my computer and read this before you install it http://windows7center.com/news/12-things… Good luck

  2. You can’t install an operating system from another operating system. If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be playing with a beta version operating system. (Windows 7 RC is a beta.)
    Put the disk in the drive and restart the computer. It should boot from the CD. (If not, get into the BIOS and change the boot order – CD before hard drive.)

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