Yahoo mail not received?

Question by Seraph: Yahoo mail not received?
A friend of mine is trying to send me messages to my yahoo mail address but messages are not getting through. Even when they try to reply to a message I sent, messages are not received by me. What gives.

Note: I purge my spam and mark messages as such when I receive them. If I have inadvertently marked their message as spam, how do I “unblock” the address?

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Answer by EyeNu-It
Yahoo! Mail makes it easy to block unwanted messages from a known address. It’s just as easy to remove the block if you want to.

Here’s how to add a block to an email address:

Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo! Mail page.
From the list on the left, click Spam.
In the middle of this page, in the space provided in the “Blocked Addresses” section, enter the email address from which you don’t want to receive mail.
Click Add.
The address now appears on your list of blocked addresses.
Yahoo! Mail offers up to 500 blocked email addresses. You can see how many of your blocked addresses you’re using beside the list – for example, “4 of 500 used”.
>You can also un-block addresses whenever you want.

To remove a block from an address:

From the Blocked Addresses list, click the address you wish to remove.
Click Remove beside your the Blocked Addresses list.
After removing an address from your Blocked Addresses list, you’ll be able to receive mail from that address.

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