A little computer networking help here?

Question by Fangkii: A little computer networking help here?
I wanted to access the desktop of my laptop through wireless networking. But every time I try to get in its desktop, an error appears about how it was blocked by the user, or something. Well then, how do I “unblock” it?

Just in case you can’t seem to picture out what I’m telling you, here’s a video of it.

Please help me ASAP. =)

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Answer by joelius24
did you share the desktop file specifically ahead of time? this might work.

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  1. Forget about wirless network and visit the website- http://www.logmein.com. Here you can make an account and install the software that they offers and than you will be able connect to your computer from anywhere in the world.
    ( You can also control a number of computer from one account )

  2. You have to enable file sharing on the desktop. You need to do this while sitting at the roygborres PC – this makes you the administrator. Cannot be done from the laptop.

    http://www.logmein will only work, once you have administrators permission.

    If you already have file sharing enabled to your laptop from roygborres pc, then what Pete l says below me should work.

  3. Using your laptop, go to My Computer and navigate so you can see the Desktop listed in the left hand pane. Tight click it and select ‘Share’, follow the instructions and help screen to give permission to share the Desktop in the way that you want.

  4. Hi! My name is Jibin,
    I think you cannot access your laptop because of the possible reasons;
    1.maby you have not onned the sharing thingy,i think u have to on that in networking tools

  5. If you go to your desktop folder on the host machine, you can right click on it and select “Properties” and there should be a tab called Security. You can add the “everyone” user group or “interactive” depending on how much you want to restrict users.

    Everyone: All interactive, network, dial-up, and authenticated users are members of the Everyone group. This special identity group gives wide access to a system resource.

    Interactive: Any user logged on to the local system has the Interactive identity. This identity allows only local users to access a resource.

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