A Question About Email & Computer Security!!?

last year i got a nasty spyware infection so i went out and bought Norton 360 ( big mistake, i think it sucks ) so i called the ” Symantec ” customer support line and told them my problem, they asked for email address and said they would ” take control of my computer ” and remove the infection manually, i declined it after they said would cost $40 to do it.
but it got me to thinking…..
if an absolute computer expert has my email address can they take charge of my pc just like that?
kinda frightening to say the least, how can just that little bit of info allow someone to bypass all of my security measures?
info please!


  1. since you gave your email address, they could access your IP address and using remote access, or other applications, get your information.
    I would recommend getting AVG 8.0 Free as well as Ad-Aware SE personal. These applications can protect your computer from virus’s, trojans, spyware, adaware etc.
    You can also turn off remote access and reset your IP address every once in a while.
    I just had to clean a friends’s computer since it got a bad virus

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