Any Way To Bypass Administrator Password?

I forgot my admisistrator password. I have two computers and have been using the other one for a long time. They both have different passwords, but I forgot what my old computers one was. Can someone plz help me?


  1. Get a copy of INSERT from Then boot to that CD, change your windows password file. Then reboot and remove the CD. Then Rock and Roll!!
    Don’t let your employer know that you know how to do that or you’ll get blamed everytime something goes wrong.

  2. First of all, is it a password to log on your desktop or to log on to the internet? Either way, try to restart the computer in Safe Mode by pressing either F4 or F8 when the Windows start up screen comes up. Then I believe you can go into your settings and perhaps reset your password or make it default so you don’t have to use a password, if it still wants your old one. Try that and see if it works for you.

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