1. I had this problem on a computer I got second hand that ended up being a stolen computer. You will have to restore the computer from fresh, would be the best idea anyways since you are getting it second hand. The Adminstator account is probrably locked with a password as well. At this point with the admin privledge problem, you can’t install anything.

  2. no prob…………..if anything is not workin den simply FORMAT ur PC….and install a new Operating System .
    i adviced u bz ur PC is 2nd hand and can contain Malicious Codes……..just format n be SAFE

  3. you could boot in safe mode (hold F8 down when it is booting) and log in as administrator … sort out the user stuff to and make yourself an administrator

  4. Try to get the administrators name and password to log on as him/her from the person you bought the computer from.
    If that fails reinstall your operating system. If you don’t want to start from scratch you can install a new version of windows right along side your existing OS. When your computer starts up a menu will appear and you can chose which OS to start.

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