Bypassing Parental Controls To Download A Game?

okay so me and my friend were trying to download World of Warcraft onto his computer and his mom won’t let us.
now how can we bypass her? Shes an administrator and my friend isn’t and we’ve tried to use cmd and use the whole net user crap but it still won’t let us because we need to run as administrator.
any help?


  1. if you are on xp do exactly this:
    open command prompt.
    type at and then type 1 minute after what time it is .
    put a space and type /interactive “cmd.exe”
    after them minute clicks over another command prmopt will appear and at the top it will say svchost. go to task manager processes and ende explorer. on the NEW command prompt type explorer.exe and you will see a new screen pop up where you cando whatever you want.
    *note this is called “super-admin” mode and you should exit it after downloaindg wow. if you dont know what you are doing you could delete system files.
    so for example, if the time is 4:19 type
    at 4:20 /interactive “cmd.exe”

  2. find out ur moms password (moms usually aren’t that creative with passwords) then (on her account) go to user accounts, then upgrade yourself to being an admin., and downgrade her wile your in there just to teach her who’s boss…

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