Can I switch a sim card to a different phone?

Question by cooookiemonstah: Can I switch a sim card to a different phone?
My mom is finally getting a cell phone to use this summer and after that she’s giving it to me. She’s getting the free phone which is ugly and I was wondering if I could go on ebay or something and buy a phone and put my sim card in it and it would still work the same. My mom is getting t-mobile so would it have to be a t-moblie phone in order for it to work?

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Answer by russian99
yep, as long as the phone is in the same category then the sim card should fit.

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  1. sim card would work in any phone, as long as it is either t-mobile phone
    or an unlocked one.
    unlocked phones are found on ebay under the specification, simlock.
    hope this helps

  2. Yes as long as it’s a T-Mobile phone or an unlocked phone that uses SIM card such as AT&T. However, if you buy a phone that isn’t from T-Mobile but also uses a SIM card, make sure it’s considered “unlocked” or else you won’t be able to access the phone with your SIM card in it.

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