Can Someone Help Me Bypass A Password On This Old Computer?

Recently I received this old (but not that old) computer from a relative. She says I can have it if I can get it to work, and now that it runs, I can’t get passed the password screen! This is not the normal Windows XP Blue screen with the logo, it is a black screen that only gives you three chances to input it or it shuts down.
If someone knows a way for me to get passed this without wiping the drive (since she wants any family pictures still on there) please please please tell me! Thanks Yahoo!


  1. If she gave you the XP disk with it, then just reformat the computer and set up new admin password. You’ll prob want a fresh Windows load anyway since Im sure you wont want to look at all her stuff.

  2. If that is a bios password, just pull the coin battery for a mintue to reset the bios. If it is an XP administrator password, just boot to safe mode and log in as the admin, you can change the password at that point.

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