Can you duplicate the speed and results of gastric bypass?

Question by : Can you duplicate the speed and results of gastric bypass?
Can you duplicate the speed and results of gastric bypass weight-loss surgery by restricting portions (like hardcore)? I was reading about how gastric bypass surgery works and it says, “It’s the reduction of your portion sizes and the lessened calorie absorption that leads to weight loss, not the procedure in and of itself. Thanks to your much smaller stomach, you must eat restricted portions following gastric bypass.” So would someone who was practically starving themself (eating portions similar to the size you would eat after having GB surgery) get the same speedy results? I want gastric bypass surgery but the doctor said I would have to gain another 100 lbs, and I can’t afford it anyway. I have the willpower to diet and exercise the “right way” and have lost 40 lbs in the past few months doing so, but I’m looking for speedier results.
Serious answers only please! Help! lol

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Answer by Hooligan305
Everyone wants faster results, but fitness and health has no end goal. It’s a life-long thing. Just get started and make sure you continue to make progress.

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  1. You probably can’t get the speed of weight loss that occurs with gastric bypass, but you could probably lose weight pretty quickly if you followed a post op gastric bypass diet for a few months. But guess what, it is the same as doing the diet and exercise thing. You just can’t duplicate the speed of weight loss because you can’t get the malabsorbtion thing without the bypass, and the malabsorbtion of calories gradually goes away. The diet after Gall bladder surgery is quite different from post op RNY surgery.
    Here is a sample of what I ate after RNY bypass:
    Breakfast – instant oatmeal made with milk, 4 oz total, plus 2 ounces of fruit
    Mid morning – 4 oz vegetable juice
    Lunch – 2 oz meat or chicken, 4 oz vegetable juice, 2 oz fruit
    Mid afternoon – 4 oz vegetable juice
    Supper – 2 oz meat, 4 oz yogurt (no sugar) 2 oz vegetables
    Evening snack – 4 oz yogurt, 2 oz pureed fruit in it.
    Don’t forget to get 8 glasses of water in, too.
    This would be very difficult to follow without the bypass surgery. You must also be sure to take at least a multi vitamin everyday, and calcium citrate. There is no junk food in this diet, not a lot of carbs. After gastric bypass, it’s very important to avoid sugar (and fat) as these can cause “dumping” – it makes you sick as a dog to have anything with a lot of sugar in it. This way of eating is lacking in a lot of what you need to have every day, but probably won’t hurt for a couple of months (most diets people out themselves on depend a lot on denying or forcing certain foods, so probably not anymore harmful than any other diet,) While I was eating these foods at those amounts, I felt like I was stuffed all the time and all I was doing was eating!

    For speedier results – and this works for me today, nearly 8 years after gastric bypass – sticking to a higher protein diet and cutting out the carbs helps me drop weight I put on.

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