Career help- need guidance?

Question by mattdawson75: Career help- need guidance?
They say to find your perfect career, look at how you spend your free time.

A lot of my time is spent studying on human potential and how to “unlock” it. I love learning about how to motivate people, what moves people, what makes one person rich and another person poor. I’ve studied psychology, self-help books, and quotes from inspirational people through out history.

I also love learning about what one group of people constitutes as “the good life”, versus another group.

Is there any sort of career where this interest will help me?

My interest in this area first started, predictably, with the desire to motivate myself. I continued to learn and my interest hasn’t ceased since then.

So how can this benefit mankind? What can I make of this? It’s really what I spend most of my free time doing.

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Answer by freta_4
I would look into maybe counseling. gl……………

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  1. psychologist, psychology teacher, social work. Start at university with these subjects and see what doors open in your future.

  2. I encourage you to consider experimental psychology. It may be just the ticket for you.

    Best of luck to you in your future vocational endeavors,

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