cell phone used with different service?

Question by mazi: cell phone used with different service?
i was going to get a sprint phone but use it for t mobile with my t mobile sim card. how do i “unlock” the phone so that i can use the sprint phone with my t mobile sim card?

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Answer by CrimeLab
You can’t! This will not work.

One because Sprint phones don’t use SIM cards. (the old ones don’t)

The main reason being that when a phone is manufactured it is manufactured to work only with a service that is alike.

Examples, Cingular, ATT and T Mobile use SIMS cards
Sprint and Alltel do not.

You can only unlock a gsm phone to work on gsm service.
Your trying to unlock a Digital phone to work with GSM service. The services aren’t compatible. It won’t work.

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  1. Sprint will NEVER work with a T-mobile phone. Sprint ONLY can use Sprint phones.

    T-Mobile uses GSM phones. It obviously has a SIM card.

    Sprint uses CMDA phones. It does not have a SIM card.

    These two networks are not, and will never be, compatabile.

    You’ll need a new phone.

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