1. I should not tell you this but there is a firmware update you can do to it and probably reset everything. Another option is to install an alternative firmware available for some Linksys Devices, not sure what’s the right name but starts with “free….” something, freelan or freeman.
    Another option is to wait to grow up and understand your parental control.

  2. If on Windows, see if you can get into msconfig (via “Run”), find the process and disable it at startup. This worked on the “Watchdog” my parents used on me. Good luck!

  3. Um, I believe the Linksys Parental Control is a service that one would need to sign-up for. It can be disabled and re-enabled without terminating the service, but only if you know the password for the Utility.
    Of course, you can check if instead of the Parental Control, the Internet Access Policies were set on the router.
    Either resetting or flashing the firmware of the router is not something I would recommend. You’d need to re-configure the router, and if you aren’t sure of the ISP settings used by the router it’ll be pretty tricky getting it back online. Flashing the firmware can mess things up – firmware upgrade is only done as a last resort to resolve bugs on the router (the saying “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” comes to mind here). Using a third party firmware may void the warranty on the router, or create some issues with Linksys and tech support.

  4. 1) Push the reset button in for a few seconds. Use a paper clip to get to it, it is in a small indent on the back.
    2) Plug your cable modem directly into the laptop when possible.

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