Does Anyone Know How To Bypass The Windows 2000 Professional Nt Tech Bios Administrator Password?

I bought a used IBM computer and it has the Windows 2000 Professional NT Technology Operating system. When I turn on the computer it works all the way to the password area. There it has Administrator typed in into the User Name field and the Password field is empty. Usually all you have to do is press ok or enter to bypass this area but it don’t work on this computer. I went into the BIOS on F1 and I tried to see if I could change anything. I deleted all passwords, did all that, etc., and still it does the same thing when I get to the enter field with the password: It says that I cannot enter maybe I typed something wrong or is in caps lock. My son has the same operating system in a laptop and it never requires a password and can be bypassed and why is this computer so stubborn? Please help fast!! The man who sold it to me said he will look up the info and call me up when he finds it. He said he bypassed it and it worked for him before. I wonder why it won’t work now for me. Help!!


  1. do you have a start up disk that will allow you to start the computer into a dos prompt? if you do then go to c drive and delete all password files, there are only one or two on the computer. type in DEL c:/*.pwl at the dos prompt, that will take care of it

  2. it’s not the BIOS password you want to change’s the Logon password …. as the computer first starts up …press the F8 key and try and you should get a screen giving you the option to start in SAFE mode …. choose the Administrator account when prompted and with luck it will let you in there and you can then remove or change the password on other accounts

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