Does Anyone Know How To Bypass Work Firewalls So I Can Play Counter Strike And World Of Warcraft On My Laptop?

I am useing my laptop at work and I am hardwired into the network by useing an ethernet cable from another computer. I can surf the net fine, but I want to know if there is a way to hack or bypass some firewalls to play World of Warcraft or Counter Strike from my laptop? I have alot of down time at work, so I would really apretiate this. Thanks


  1. Basicly you can run a SSH Server at your home computer and connect to it with a SSH Client on work computer.
    link has full details.

  2. they have the firewall up for a reason. so if you are looking for a way around it, it probably isn’t going to happen. I am sure it is against company policy to be doing that stuff even during your down time.

  3. you would have to get those programs (games) to work off port 80 (http port). No clue if they would actually work that way. It’s worth checking into. I know my schools WIFi is like that as well.

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