Does Anyone Know Other Proxy Who Can Bypass Server?!!10 Points For Best Answer..?

except for gpass.. would someone give me an idea to bypass our only a limited user with deepfreeze installed, i cant even reprogram my computer. we’re using computer in a domain. everytime i open internet this security setting appeared “please type the user name and password that you use for WATCHGUARD FIREBOX local user. i got no local user in that watchguard there anyway i can use internet?other proxies?


  1. try proxies
    is their latest domain
    is their secure server i use it my collage
    they also have a virtual desktop proxy that lets you surf any site!!!
    works for restricted countries like UAE its a tunneling server
    get in tuch if u have any probs at [email protected] they give regular updates emails for subscribers(free) on their newly launched domains
    and if you wan’t you can send email to [email protected] to get a reply with a list of their new domains!!!

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