ESET Smart Security vs Comodo Internet Security?

Question by Korjo: ESET Smart Security vs Comodo Internet Security?
Hi all,

Lately i’ve been reading up on security options for my computer. Currently i have ESET Smart Security running, which i quite like for it’s virus protection. But the firewall is under performing. As an example i was even able to click on “Unblock” remotely using the same remote-desktop application that the warning was for. Thus completely defeating the purpose of a firewall.

I think that Comodo would be a good firewall to switch to, but I’m not sure how the rest of their security suite performs.

What are your opinions on this?


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Answer by TW_Link
COMODO’s newest firewall has a tendency to crash programs frequently and cause many computer problems. I would use PCTools Firewall.

Just disable the firewall in ESET and use PCtools one

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  1. Go for ESET/Nod the other one lags up your pc it uses too much bandwidth and stuff, go with ESET better for your computer.

  2. I think Nod32 is the best!choose for eset product.. Im currently use nod32 version 3 plus windows wdefender. greate security right? stick to your eset smart security

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