…for all intents and purposes???

Question by The Gay Argentian Seal: …for all intents and purposes???
Did anyone ever think it was either “intense purposes” or “intensive purposes?” Until yesterday I thought it was the latter of the two misuses. How embarrassed was I when I found out whilst reading The Martian Chronicles again.

I have a degree in English and this little phrase has slipped through the cracks for my 31 year old life.

Anyone else ever misuse it? Any other phrases that you said/thought that were actually something else?

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Answer by Caicos Turkey
I can’t think of any, but for years my mother thought that Gonzales Byass sherry was “Gonzales Bypass” and called it so!

As a small child (born to Welsh speaking parents) I had a struggle between the way my Cockney schoolmates pronounced things and the way my parents did. When we learned the Lord’s Prayer at school I very carefully corrected the “Amen” at the end to “Our men”.

I’ve encountered at least one English teacher who wrote that he “must of” done (whatever it was)!

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