Gateway Computer Password Issue

My Gateway computer was purchased in 2002. I am unable to acess the hard dirve when I turn the computer on, receiving the following error message:WINNT\SYSTEM\vgaoem.fon cannot be found. When I attempt to repair this problem using the Gateway Operating System, Windows XP-Home Edition CD, I am asked to enter a password. Since my wife and I are the only users of the computer we never created an administrator password. Any help you can provide regarding this problem would be greatly appreciated because there much information on my hard drive I would like to save.


  1. if u have access 2 another computer, download ‘testdisk’ it will fix partions to original, then copy vgaoem.fon file from xp disc or from net, paste file into windows system folder, done – did it myself on hp, and 100% restored – 15-20 min max

  2. your current trouble is within windows not your motherboard. If you want to repair your windows than go to the link below & read the Microsoft page. They have a program that can help repair your window. See the link provided;;en-us;307545
    (Though you’ll do most of the work).
    Here are a few replacement boards for your socket 939 CPU & MB;

    And lastly:

  3. you can access your CD-ROM drive by pressing the F8 key during boot up. Load your Windows CD in to the CD-ROM drive. The F8 key will load a screen like this;

    From the “Please select boot device: window, select your CD-ROM drive that has the windows CD in it. Than try a reinstall of windows. (Preferred with a format of the hdd).
    I have been doing this for sometime & once windows has been reinstalled your current issue will clear up. I am sure your windows is messed up. Cause could easily be from a virus or worm. Though rare, bios could be corrupt. Before you do a format & reinstall window, remove your memory & reseat, this will clear any memory resident virus that may reside in your memory.
    If you still feel the problem is the motherboard, I did list a couple replacements.

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