GTA IV – Why cant i unlock the special ability of a taxi?

Question by Simon: GTA IV – Why cant i unlock the special ability of a taxi?
i accidentally erased my old save and on it i had unlocked “Driving Mr. Bellic” – the special ability of a taxi. However this time – on my new game – i cant unlock it for some reason. I have checked my stats and they say … like = 97% and respect = 100% for roman (also I’m over 28% of the way through the game and ive complete like 66% of his missions)… but when i check the phone there is no option to ask for a ride. anybody got a clue as to why it is doing this or how to fix it?

Best answer:

I don’t know it must be your game because if you have a good amount of respect from Roman (which you do) then you should be able to call him and get a taxi from the options there are.

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  1. either you need to get both stats to 100% and beat more missions probably past where his taxi business is set on fire, then you should get the taxi option FOR SURE.

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