Help! Photo editor!!! PLEASE!!!?

Question by P: Help! Photo editor!!! PLEASE!!!?
over a month, I’ve been working in photoshop with the Color Efex 3.0 pro plugin, to use “Bleach Bypass” and “Ink” filters. for some reason or another technical problem occurred and I can’t work in it anymore.

Do you have any ideas what are the similar plug-ins or programs which include above mentioned filters… I need them so much! PLEASE HELP!

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Adobe – Photoshop CS4

Nik Software Color Efex
“Bleach Bypass”
“Ink” filters

try to re-installl filter plugins,

some of these effects could be done manually in photoshop with layers and color adjustments,
look at sepia tones,and lowering color rgb levels,

Alien Skin Software:


KPT Kai’s Power Tools plug-in filters
Alpha Plugins Software.
ononesoftware PhotoTools 2 Lite

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