Help With Computer Start-up/ Password Problem?

When I start up my HP desktop, I get the login, but I don’t know the password, but when I try to start in safe mode I also get the login and again I don’t know the password, so I am locked out of the computer. When I put in a password that I thought was correct, it bypassed all the start-up and went right to a desktop image and stayed there. I tried other user names to no avail. To top it off, the CD-rom drive was not recognizing a CD, so I could not boot from the CD. I am running Windows 2000 on this computer. Please help. I can’t do anything if I can’t even boot it up in any kind of mode. Thank you in advance.


  1. I hate these questions. They do so much better as interactive stuff.
    You have yourself a bit of a problem. When you say it went to the desktop image, did it not have a start menu? Was it this way in safe mode? if it had a start menu in safe mode, you may be in luck. Post it back if you do.
    Otherwise… You said the cd rom is not recognizing. I would take the guess you mean in windows. Have you tried booting to a cd? This bypasses any potential windows problems. Please answer these two in additional information.
    I will check back with this question tomorrow.

  2. use the f keys when starting the puter, try f2 or f5, or even f10… hit keys continually until start up goes to sysem restore… good luck..

  3. researching… give me a minute.
    you may need to enable boot from cd in bios. then do an fdisk. insert os cd and restart. best option possible…..

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