How Can I Bypass The “parental Block” On Public Computers?

I am an adult, and when I am attempting to get some work done on a public computer (be it on campus or at a library). I am often unable to access websites needed to complete my work. Now mind you, I am not attempting to access anything immoral or illegal, but I would really like to know how to get past these child-blocking systems, as the fact remains that I am not a child, and do not need to be blocked from anything when it comes to the use of the internet. Any help, walkthroughs, and/or suggestions are welcome. Thank You ^_^!
~The Maestro~(^_^)~


  1. It depends…
    Libraries will usually disable it for you…
    If the blocking is done at the local machine level, and you have physical access to the actual box, and can insert a USB mem. drive into the machine… Get a linux distro that will install on the USB drive, plug it in and reboot the machine… (I’ve done this without even a 2nd glance at best buy when looking at laptops…)
    If the blocking is done at the router/proxy level, you’d have to try to find a proxy server external to your location (like the kiddies keep asking for on here to get to their myspace from school etc.)

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