1. This sounds similar to a problem a female relative of mine had. Her husband carefully hid all his liquid assets from her long before he filed for divorce, and refused to provide a list in divorce court, claiming she was lying about their financial situation. The courts have limited ability to force disclosure when the assets are out of the country and there are no other independent records.
    If he has locked up the financial records on the computer where you cannot get to them, I will discuss later …
    My advice is not about breaking through his stonewalling, I think you have a bigger problem.
    First thing you should do is find a safe place that has good computers (not infested with malware) where you can create new email accounts that he does not know about. This will enable you to communicate in a way he cannot access (since it is never done on your home computer) and make sure you have a strong password on any account(s) that you create. Also, from the safe site, you can monitor your existing email accounts if they are web-based like Yahoo is here. You could even change your Yahoo and other passwords, but he would get suspicious when he finds out he cannot access your accounts and can find no record on the home computer that you have made such a change.
    Next thing you should do is contact an attorney, while you might not have cause to file criminal charges against him, if the matter comes to the stage of a divorce, he is not allowed by the courts to hide anything from them that you want to present as evidence. And with the alternate email accounts you will be able to communicate without worrying about him prying.
    Next thing you should do is get a prepaid (pay-as-you-go) cell phone such as the TracFone – these are sold in Target and Wal-Mart and Office Max and other stores, you can get one for less than $25 and they come with 10 minutes of time (for activation and checking out the phone features). Pay cash for it, and pay cash for a Minutes card, you can also get one full year of service with 400 minutes for less than $100.00 – while that sounds expensive, they have “double minute” cards that double the minutes a Minute card gives you, apply that before adding any new minutes and that 400-minute 1 year card becomes a 800-minute 1-year card, and the DoubleMinutes continues as long as you have that TracFone (it is not transferable). This phone is not for regular chit-chat or frivolous use; it is for safe communications, so you can make emergency calls or talk to a lawyer without leaving a trace on existing cellphone account records. I keep a TracFone as a backup cell phone in case I lose my regular cellphone.
    Wikipedia article about TracFone Wirelesshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TracFone_Wi…http://www.TracFone.com/
    You should be very concerned because in a community property state like Texas (mine) everything the husband owns is also owned by the wife, if it is obtained after marriage and is not from something like a will. And, every liability incurred by a husband is also a liability on the wife, and he is hiding both assets and liabilities. It might get to the point where you have to get a subpoena from a court against him to force him to disclose the passwords, because, after all, it is your computer and your assets and your liabilities too. What is he hiding ?
    Now for the technical advice. Each computer has a hard drive in it. That hard drive can be copied very easily; there are machines that computer manufacturers use for installing software, that law enforcement uses in their investigations (they make a copy so as to preserve the original, they analyze the copy), and there is software that can make a “image” (used by law enforcement and by tecnicians doing service work). This is where you can get around your husband’s blocks on you.
    Find a trustworthy technician service – or find a private investigator who knows how to do computer investigations – and take the computer to them (or have the technician come to the house at an opportune time) and they can remove the hard drive, put it into their duplication equipment, make an image, then remove the hard drive from their equipment, reinstall it into your home computer, and from there the data on the hard drive can be taken to a safe place (away from your husband) and analyzed. This is not easy or cheap; if he has used encryption and passwords, it might be nearly impossible to decode. But – you have a copy. If he should erase the hard drive in the home computer, you have the copy for a backup for court purposes, and in court, in a civil lawsuit, he can be compelled to provide the password(s). You can also have the technicial make an image that can be burned to CDs or DVDs and can make several copies, which you can give to the lawyer, trusted friends, trusted relatives. More than one copy means there will always be a backup.
    What if he destroys the computer ? The image can still be installed on a second harddrive and the second harddrive plugged into another computer. You will not be able to boot this other computer with this second harddrive, but the other computer will boot with

  2. If he doesn’t trust you, then why are you married?
    Anyway, if you use the Knoppix or Ubuntu live-cd, then you’ll have even more abilities than the Administrator, and it won’t leave any logs that you used it. Plus, it will give you full access to his account.
    Oh, and I say that for educational purposes only. I don’t condone any illicit use of technology.

  3. Follow the instruction below:
    Goto start and click on Run.
    When the dialog box opens enter “cmd”. To access command prompt.
    When command prompt opens. Enter “net user”. Then it precedes to show you the accounts on the computer. If your account is called “owner” Then you will Type in “net user owner *”
    Now it will ask you to type a password for the user. You can pick any password you wish or you can leave it blank. Once you enter it, ofcourse it will ask you to re-enter, once complete type “exit” and your finish.. Wasn’t so hard after all.
    For more help contact on:
    1 877 854 6888

  4. This is like asking how to crack a safe. There’s just no way to make it simple for someone with no relevant expertise or experience. In any event, if you’re willing to spy on him to see if he’s spying on you, a hardware keyboard logger is probably the best solution. It cannot be detected with software, and is easy to use and foolproof. The only issue would be if he physically spots it.
    The link below goes to the best USB keyboard logger I know. PS/2 loggers are also available if you have a PS/2 style keyboard. Check the connector on the end of it.

  5. Technically there is no way to be able to bypass the admin account using the regular user account. It is even very difficult to break and administrator password with tools that are meant to do it. Built in security does not allow this. If you think about it, that would mean that ANY user would have administrative access to the machine. That would be a very bad thing.
    It will be very difficult to tell if he has what is known as a keylogger installed. A keylogger is a program that saves everything you type, so that a person can use them later. Many times keyloggers are installed in stealth, and you probably wont be able to tell. You may be able to download and install something like MalwareBytes (www.malwarebytes.org) and it may detect the keylogging software as a virus.
    There are ways to bypass the issue of using a computer that has software like that installed, but I feel they are beyond your technical ability. I think until you know for sure that your information is being intercepted, you really have nothing to go on.

  6. Do you have created the password reset disk earlier?
    If you do, you can sign into safe mode and recover the password.
    If you don’t have the password reset disk. you have to take use of the third part utility, windows password unlocker is highly recommend. It is fast and easy to use. You can download it from http://www.passwordunlocker.com/products…

  7. Passwords. Those ubiquitious alpha-numeric codes that protect us and give us access to everything digital. Unfortunately, passwords can be confusing because, though your computer likely won’t forget a password, you very well might. When this happens, you can be locked out from your whole system, as in the case of the Windows XP Administrator Password. This article will show you how to remove an Administrator password.
    Insert your Windows XP CD into your CD drive and boot your computer. If you receive the message “press any key to boot from CD,” press any key.
    Step 2 Press Enter to setup Windows. After accepting the license agreement, you wil be asked if you want start a Repair process.
    Step 3 Press R to begin the Repair process. Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files, which can take several minutes. After this, reboot. Let the computer boot normally (do not press a key to boot from CD).
    Step 4 Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen. When you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This will open a command line console.
    Step 5 Type NUSRMGR.CPL at the prompt and press Enter. This will give you access to User Accounts. Remove or change your password. Write it down! After the repair is finished, you will be able to log on with your new password.
    Second way:there is some recovery tool like Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0
    one second is done.
    Good luck!
    If i am helpful please rate me.
    Thank you.

  8. Please tell me the advantages of having an administrator account. If household has each windows password protected accounts – can the administratior override and view these accounts. How do I override the administrator account.

  9. i also have a question similar to this but not quite. my parents are the administrators on my laptop so i cant download or install anything. i have been trying to find out what their password is so does anyone know a program that will either bypass it or find out what it is without the password on a Hp windows 7 laptop?

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