1. it doesnt matter which proxy you use – most schools have a system now which automatically blocks any new proxy you start using as soon as you start using it without any need for intervention from the network administrator

  2. Your best bet is to not do it at all. Every time you go onto Myspace at school, your school board notes it. They watch all sites we go on in school. The more you do it then there gonna find out the room you do it in and then computers wont be allowed in that room for students. Its best if you just wait till you get home. Trust me, all your messages and your comments will still be there when you get home.

  3. you don’t “need” to get on myspace
    why not pretend to be adult about it, and just wait until you get home.
    …..especially since you spell “school” with a K
    come on…….all the cool kids can stay off MySpace for a few hours….

  4. theres a reason why its blocked. myspace puts crap on your computer, if someones profile is full of junk. you don’t need to go on it in school, take a break! ha

  5. Nope. I’m not telling you any.
    You shouldn’t be on Myspace during school.
    School is for education!
    You kids need to get this in your head!
    Myspace is blocked for a reason!

  6. i only use brand new proxy sites every day for that day and i get all my brand new proxy sites fromhttp://www.gotlynx.com

  7. ya go to ipponu.com its a websit any1 can go on anything!!!!! i did it wit mi filtered labtob but now itz good!

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