1. all you can do is just keep trying new proxies until you find one that works. these proxies are less than an hour old and they work great. myspace is working (can log in, reply to messages & bulletins), update your facebook status and watch youtube videos…http://coolnetaccess.infohttp://excellentunblock.infohttp://cgiproxy.me
    if you’ve got time you could check out http://proxy.us.com too which lists heaps of proxy sites. there’s an email group there too so you can get proxies in your inbox all the time…
    have fun 🙂

  2. take this proxieshttp://scurl.co.cc/fastestwayhttp://scurl.co.cc/29http://scurl.co.cc/3ed41dhttp://scurl.co.cc/ee9ac5http://scurl.co.cc/a1ed
    and dont forgot to share it with your friends

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