How Can I Unblock Yahoo Messenger For Vista On My Computer?????

when i installed it, the security system asked that this program is trying to connect other computers so i blocked it ,,,
and now i cant sign in
please tell me how to unblock yahoo messenger for vista…………………

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  1. For this and other Yahoo! related questions, try the links below:…
    By clicking the above link you will find the address and phone number of Yahoo!;_ylt…
    By clicking the above link you can contact Yahoo! Answers team directly.
    Yahoo! has different customer care centres for different facilities like messenger customer care, 360 customer care, mail customer care etc. Which customer care u want to contact?
    Please click the above link to select customer care of ur choice.
    Hope this helps! 😉
    I suggest visiting the links below for further information on Vista problems:
    Hope this helps! ;),1895,210……

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