How Can I Use Torrents When My School’s Proxy Restricts All P2p’s?

I have installed a BitTorrent client in my computer but its not working. Later, I knew that my school’s proxy server bans all P2P’s. Basically, I’m asking how to bypass that restriction to use P2P’s or if there is a torrent client software which can bypass proxy restrictions.

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  1. I know you don’t want to hear this, but you shouldn’t even try because that is against the acceptable use policy at your school. They have sites blocked for safety and security reasons.
    Trying to bypass their security is considered hacking and will get you banned from using any of their computers and probably even suspended or expelled.
    They can see and track everything you do so you WILL get caught. Not being able to use the computers at all would suck way worse than just using them to view allowed sites – wouldn’t it?
    But then again, go ahead and post all the proxies you can think of here so we know the new ones to block. Thanks for making it easy for us admins to keep blocking you!

  2. Keep in mind that if you bypass the school’s security in order to download illegal material, your school can choose to press criminal charges against you in addition to kicking you out. This is especially true if you cause a security breach and confidential data is accessed. In that case you can potentially find yourself facing federal charges.

  3. 🙂
    Proxy is the gremlin who connects you with the internet. Without that gremlin you are offline. There is no way around it unless you hack the proxy. No 3rd party software is capable of overriding or bypassing your proxy.
    There are two ways to use any internet connection without restrictions:
    1. your very own proxy outside or VPN running on a port allowed by your (connection) proxy
    2. torrent hosting account or your own torrentflux web server

  4. via HTTP Tunneling. Ain’t that easy thou. Google “your_app_name + http tunnel” and suit your self 🙂

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