How Can My Friend Unblock My Number On Their Verizon Cell Phone?

My ex girlfriend and I are still very good friends and talk all the time. But this past weekend a friend of my ex, that is crushing on her, got a hold of her phone and Blocked my number. 🙁 ….It didn’t take long for us to realize what happened and now i have to use my roommates phone to talk to each other. ….So we were wondering how we can Unlock my phone # on her Verizon phone?


  1. U cant. But she can tell her to look on contacts then call block then look for your number then out unblock hope i helped! (:

  2. Thats intense. Call Verizon to undo it. Im surprised he was able to do that, When i blocked someone on my phone they charged me like $10 bucks to do it

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