How Can You Get Around An Internet Filter Installed On A Server??

We are operating from a local school board server that has a filter installed… I think it is Watch Dog… I need to access yahoo/google images for my website and I cannot due to someone downloading thumbnails of porn… How can you bypass the server/program to access sites that you need to??? I am running a windows xp system and have administrative rights to the computer i am using…


  1. You need to ask your IT Administrator for rights for your PC to access these sites through their proxy server. It can be done, but they will probably want to hear your business-excuse first before allowing it carte blanche.

  2. If the filter is installed and configured properly, you cannot bypass it. You need to ask your network admin to make an exception. Most packages allow exceptions to be made on a per URL, per client IP Address, or per Windows User Account basis.
    Censorship sucks!!!

  3. Go to your server , and with your administrative right open it and change the settings of the programme installed there that prevent everybody from accessing the internet , make it can access for you user only say .

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