How Come There Are Chinese People On Ya?

There are lots of people who claims to live in China i this site. For someone who claims to be living in China they seem to have a lot of news sources that are not filtered by the Commies who run China. Just how do they bypass the censors? As we all know it, it is illegal for people to use the internet in China and you are not allowed to bring American Technology (computer) into their country. Therefore they must be lieing.
They are probably a leftist living in their trailer home right now doing nothing all day except drinking, smoking, and doing their sisters, brothers, doggies, horses, goats, and cats.
How can we stop them?

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  1. You are just like a frog in a well. Your knowledge is very shallow and yet talks so much. By the way, no such word as ‘lieing’, the correct word is ‘lying’. Go and get your facts right before start mouthing off here. I suspect you never even travel out from your own State before nor having a thing call ‘PASSPORT’.

  2. You obviously know nothing about China at all.
    Edit: Hey Jim, you also got email from him? I received an abusive email from his too! He claimed that I am a Chinese government secret agent (??????). It is so retardated that I am sending it to my friends as a joke.

  3. “it is illegal for people to use the internet in China and you are not allowed to bring American Technology (computer) into their country. Therefore they must be lieing.”

  4. Well, considering today you have sent me two emails, one threating me with spam … it seems you want to censor people by doing the same thing that you say China is doing.
    I live here as an ex pat from the USA.
    The internet is going full tilt boogy here. So much that at 7pm the net at the college I am at slows to a crawl because all the students are out of class gaming to doing homework.
    I don’t worry at all about censors here, I can say and do what I want, when I want, say it on the net, or talking to people. What I can’t do is organize a political gathering. Yet I wouldn’t do that in a country that is not my own, because I would have no right — I am not a citizen. While there are some limits to what Chinese citizens can do in publicly criticizing their government, they enjoy more freedoms then you can imagine and have been given more in the last 20 years then anytime before in their 5,000 years of history. China is slowly changing positively that is only a matter of time before they enjoy the same freedoms that the USA does. Further, what I found ironic, is the Chinese people are not political, boarding on apathetic. They are more worried about their future then things they have no control over, which the ones in the USA who are political, seem to lap up silly politics like a thirsty horse.
    I brought two laptops into China. One two years old and one a real nice HP with two hard drives and all the whistles and bells. Plus 3 external hard drives and a 100 CD filled up with photo’s and documents. No one gave a damn.
    Lenovo of China manufactures laptops and personal computers for IBM. HP is sold here, along with Compac and Toshiba, Lenovo and IBM and many other brands I have never heard of.
    No, I am not sitting in a trailer park, I am sitting in an apartment provided to me by the college I teach at in the central part of China. I do not own any animals, my brothers are back in the states, I don’t do farm animals, but I do do my girlfriend. She is Chinese and is not a commie and saw your email and laughed her head off. (so did I)
    My biggest defense is for you to come over here and see for yourself. In your case, I am afraid you’d bring such a healthy dose of Ugly Americanism that you couldn’t see through your hatred despite yourself.
    My question to you is this: How far have you traveled? If so, in what capacity? Where did you go? How long did you stay?
    Go down to the bottom of YA and you will see a link to China. True, you can’t read it, its all in Chinese, so I would surmise your next thing you would say is YA has made it all up?
    I truly feel sorry for you. I find it ironic that you have proven yourself to be exactly what you are criticizing.

  5. Man, you are a disgrace to Americans (if you are an American).
    I have a Chinese friend in Bejing who I chat with almost everyday on the internet.
    By the way, how come you are able to use the internet? You mean there is internet where you are?

  6. Illegal to use the internet in China? Don’t be silly, I have a friend who’s from China, and she talks to her parents who LIVE IN CHINA, online… Yes, it may be moderated, but to say it’s completely illegal, is ridiculous. Just where do you get this nonsense from?

  7. You are ill-informed. My caucasian sister from Canada is working in China at the moment and uses the internet all the time. In fact she emailed me just this morning.

  8. China is in a way has more freedom than we do. They don’t have the crime that we have. There are probably more internet users there than here in the USA.

  9. Guys/gals, Dont bother with the answer, the asker is just another glnK, han, chinese “belong to that group/clone” category. They would claim Chinese this and that why this and that and then they would also claim chinese is communist and no freedom of speech bla bla bla…wow I dont think any American could answer it if the shoe is on the other side.

  10. How come you are YA?
    I’m chinese and I’m banned from the internet because china is so cheap..please…what a joke…
    I am from china and I can find stuff on the net easily…you might think that everything is censored but really..if you look harder you will find whatever you want
    eg..that tianmen square thing with the photo of the tank man..I typed that in and got it from a chinese website…yes..china do cover things up but don’y americans as well?
    bush. cheney and their cover up for the iraq war…wmd?

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