How Do I Bypass Symantec Web Security?

So, I work at a store and where I work, there’s a computer. My job is very boring and involves about 6 hours of standing around doing absolutely nothing. The computer has Symantec Web Security to block web access, which really sucks. However, I’ve found out that I have e-mail access, so I can e-mail files and access them on that computer. Now I want to know if there’s anything I can get that bypasses SWS?
Serious answers only, no “WHY DON’T YOU DO UR JOB LOLOLOLOL?” The answer to that: I work a 9 hour day and I finish everything I have to do within the first hour. The only other part of my job is to be the cashier there, but I only get like 30 customers which adds about… 15 minutes of total work time.

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