1. Well this one will atually work but be careful to follow these steps closely OK let’s start—
    1.) First if you have another account other than the system administrator and you can bring up the Windows command Shell which is cmd.exe then your ready.
    2.) To open cmd.exe just click on the Start button and click RUN
    type cmd.exe once you’ve done that then your in.
    3.) go to the system root directory by typing “cd” without the quotes, next type “cdwindowssystem32” OR “cdwinntsystem32”
    depending on where the Windows [stuff] are located.
    4.) once you see system32 at the end of the command line. (warning! here comes the hard part).
    5.) start by typing “mkdir tempdir” without the qoutes press enter
    next type “copy logon.scr tempdirlogon.scr” also “copy cmd.exe tempdircmd.exe” again no quotes, press enter after each line
    (type help to understand what you are doing)
    6.) next “del logon.scr” deletes original logon.scr
    7.) next “rename cmd.exe logon.scr” renames cmd.exe to logon.scr
    8.)”exit” quits dos
    9.)Now what you have just done is told the computer to backup the command program
    and the screen saver file, then edits the settings so when the machine boots the
    screen saver you will get an unprotected dos prompt with out logging into XP.
    Once this happens if you enter this command minus the quotes
    “net user password”
    If the Administrator Account is called Frank and you want the password *SHEET* enter this
    “net user Frank SHEET”
    10.) and this changes the password on franks machine to *SHEET* and your in.
    p.s: dont forget to copy the contents of temphack back into the system32 dir to cover tracks
    11.) Now log off the machine, logon.scr is the screen saver that will kick in after 15 minutes of not touching the keyboard/mouse at the logon screen. Wait 15-20 minutes and a DOS prompt with FULL SYSTEM rights will pop up, then just to
    C:> net user administrator
    and then log in with the new account.
    Try this, might work, as long as he didn’t change default permissions on C:winnt and C:winntsystem32 you should be golden.
    Hey, this actually works.
    10 pts?

  2. If you do manage to bypass it, then it won’t leave a trace
    Although it would be illegal for me to discuss how to do so
    So i’ll just ask
    Why are you trying to get on if you’re not allowed to?

  3. When you start up the computer it gives you the option to press F8. Press it and boot in safe mode. It may seem frozen but its not. Log into the administrator account and make your own account, or just do whatever.

  4. yes it is but i cant tell you how as you said your dad set a password he must have a reason for doing that so sorry cant help you

  5. Go to the control panel
    Select “User Accounts”
    Select “Create a Password”
    Don’t type anything, if there is something typed into the field delete it.
    This should work.

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