How do i fix this windows error?

Question by Dethklok Guitar: How do i fix this windows error?
Well, whenever I try to open a program i get this message-Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file, you may not have appropriate permissions to access the item. i have tried everything. including the whole “unblock” thing. Oh. and i’m running windows XP service pack 2. Please help.

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Answer by Handy Helper
This is a pretty vague error which generally means that either:

1. The shortcut you’re using is out of date (the program has moved)
2. The shortcut you’re using has been orphaned (the program was uninstalled/deleted)
3. The shortcut is pointing to something on removable media (a dvd or memory stick that has been taken out)
4. You don’t have permission to access the program (and if this is a home/personal computer, this probably isn’t the case).

Try right clicking your shortcut and selecting properties. In the window that pops up, you’ll see a “target” which is what the shortcut is trying to run.

If you then open My Computer and try to find this file, then you’ll know if it’s missing. So say your target is “c:\program files\winzip\winzip.exe” then in my computer go into c drive, then program files, then winzip, and look for winzip.exe.

If it’s missing, reinstall it. If it’s on a dvd or memory stick, I’m sure you’ll know what to do!

Hope that helps.

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