How Do I Unblock A User’s Email?

My friend and I have been sending emails for a few months now and all of a sudden neither of us can get an email through to the other. The Mail return system says our emails are blocked, but neither of us blocked the other. Does anyone know how to fix this? All of our messages to other friends are going though just fine!

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  1. Well thats a hard problem :
    1. maybe the application you have been useing have blocked you both for not following the terms.
    2.It might be an error in the site.
    3.It might me one of your enmies have reported abuse on you two.
    How to solve it ??? : your email.
    2.Try to send the email to him and to another people in chain letter.
    3.Delete his email and sign out the sign in again then add.
    4.after that you have added him block him then unblock him
    Talal kamal

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