1. Lower your firewall settings…
    Hope to have been of assistance to you…
    I’m a Certified Technician.

  2. It depends on if your firewall is windows OEM or not.
    Follow this sequence for Windows Firewall.
    Start Menu> Control Panel> Firewall>Off.
    You can follow the same sequence to turn it back on.
    If, on the other hand, it is part of a Virus Software program, then look for the virus software’s icon on your desk top. I you don’t see one do this.
    Start Menu> All Programs.
    Then find the the Virus Program. McAfee and Norton are the most common ones.
    All virus programs are set up differently. But once your in the program you should be able to figure out how to disable your firewall from there.
    Computers 101. That’ll be 10 points, PLZ. Lol!
    Good luck!

  3. Click on “Tools, then “Internet Options” go to “Security” and make sure you’re on Medium Level, or Medium High, click “Save”. hope i helped!

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