How Do I Unblock Nexopia From My Parental Controls List?

I know of all those proxy things like and stuff like that….. but i can never redo my page on nexopia and it pisses me off. I can get onto it but i cant do the things that i would like to do. Help me please! I am fifteen and I’m still being treated like a little kid.


  1. Ask the person who sett the block in parental control.
    What do you think they will do if they find out about it?
    Sorry. Norton Anti Virus….Internet security addons (Norton Internet Security – NIS) you can’t unblock.

  2. Sweetie, you may be 15 and not a “little kid” per say but you are a child. I agree with Jack the Bull. See what the person who added the block has to say. Or better yet, purchase your own computer and internet service along with your own house and you will have the freedom to do just as you want.

  3. usually lets you have the panel at the top of the page that lets you change your pictures and edit your profile.
    Good Luck!

  4. ? to the above posts author i find it quite rude, she didn’t ask you to ***** at her for no apparent reason, telling her to buy her own house at age 15? are you out of your mind? are you mentally ill? I find that quite rude, and I would like to have a chat with you in real life, you must not understand english or be able to read, because no one asked you to click on this question and ***** at a random person! now get off yahoo answers im flagging your account and sending a personal query to yahoo on your behalf, how rude, dont you have a life? dont you have any friends? its not like she is going on an inappropriate website, she is just trying to talk to her friends and make friends, i dont think that her parents should have blocked the website because its completely filtered there is no pornogrophy or innapropriate language and I think this girl is smart enoguh not to meet people she doenst know on the internet, thats why i will help you unblock nexopia, you said you have usen a proxy before so i will recomend you another one that works great “” works fast and there are no advertisement pop ups, also you can use command prompt to unblock the website to get to the command prompt go to start then all programs accesories then command prompt, if the command prompt is blocked do the following if not go down to see the steps you should do in the command prompt. to get to the command prompt if its blocked go to start –> then my documents—> then right clicking to create a new text document —-> then typing—-> then saveing the file as command.bat —-> then exiting the command prompt and my documents—-> reopen my documents to see an icon labled “command” dobule click to get to command prompt.. now type ping(space) and wait as the trace begins…—> an ip will appear cut and past the ip into your adress bar and gain acess to the website. I will tell you the ip just in case you dont understand how to use the command prompt its, paste this ip into the adress bar and gain acess to

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