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  2. Use a fresh, unblocked proxy site every day.
    This site lists new proxy sites each day…http://mydailyproxy.com
    If you can’t access it at school you can check it before you leave home or send an e-mail to them and they e-mail you back with a list of proxy sites!

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  4. If your really tech savvy install Linux on an old computer at home. Use a Dynamic IP services [ http://www.dyndns.com/ ] to connect to that linux box. Setup a proxy server on the linux box and use away.
    I was sick and tired of trying to find new servers so thats what I did.

  5. Why not wait until you get home?
    Seriously man, all you new kids in school
    nowadays just want to go to myspace and other websites
    while in school. You are in school to learn, not to read
    the new picture comments that your buddy left you.

  6. Hey, you’re in school to learn, not to bypass your school’s filteration system? Damn.
    But if you insist, stick FireFox Portable (www.portablapps.com) onto a memory stick and load the software up in school.

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