1. haha ive been trying to figure that out to but at my school you kinda cant but when i figure out how i will tell you

  2. you can use a webproxy site… i can recommend you mine , http://www.hostxeon.net/hide … just enter the link you want to visits on the form anc click go… then you will be able to browse any site you want …
    lots of webproxy sites are also blocked on schools but you can allways find a new one using google or proxy toplists, sutch as http://www.proxygarden.com
    good luck

  3. You can go to Google and search for MySpace. Try clicking on it from there or view it as cached.
    I know at my school (in Australia) Hotmail is blocked but we worked around it and found out we could go to the nineMSN website and log in that way.
    Worked effectively!
    Hope you find the solution. Keep in mind the school can see EVERYTHING you key into their computers (passwords, etc.) so be careful.
    Good luck!

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